Ravenloft - Strange Aeons

Temple of Nethys

+1 Shortspear
Slimy Mwk Breastplate
+1 Quarter Staff
Suit of leather armor
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
24 +3 crossbow bolts
Single Boot with a foot inside it
25 gp in teeth
Silver hit flask (50 gp) – Oil of Shrink of Item
Super Big Key


Miackian Mun – Alchemist Associate of Haserton Lowls
Ethan Baylor – WHite gnome shipwright.

The Alchemist’s Laboratory –
5,000 gp in the study – Mave
Safe – 2,400 gp
Treatise of Cabal Magic – 750 gp
Gruesome Laboratory –
*Extended Master Alchemist Laboratory
18 Acid Vials
18 Alchemist Fire
10 vials of alkeli
6 bottles of blade guard
pamphlet in Kalesh to Katheer
5000 gp in books
2,000 gp Migo Brain.


Met with the Mad Arab.
Qadir in Qadira is where we can find the NomNomicon
Canyon like harbor

Prison Treasure

Ring of keys – Yidhra
Mithral Chainshirt +1 x3
+1 wounding scimitar x3


potions of cat’s grace (3)
potions of cure serious wounds (3),
potions of invisibility (4);

Other Gear
72,808 gp / [10,921 gp]
→ 24 +1 flaming arrow; 8 potions cmw; 8 pots of divine favor; 8 pots shield of faith; 8 elixir of hiding;
ring of force shield +2 → Corypheus
+2 hand crossbow with 50 razorfeather bolts → John Doe
cloak of resistance +2 → John Doe
cloak of resistance +1 → Party
belt of mighty constitution +2 → Dove
gloves of dexterity +4 → John Doe
amulet of adaptation → Al Zahir
headband of intellect +4 → Charles
dust of sneezing and choking x2
Ring of protection +2 – John Doe
Ring of protection +1 – Party

Potion of fly,
wand of cure moderate wounds (36 charges),
tanglefoot bags (2);
Belt of Dex/Str+2 – John Doe
Headband of Int/Wis 2 (Sense Motive) – Krieg
Headband of Int +2 – John Doe
Necklace of Adaptation → Zahhak
Lesser bracers of archery – Jacob
+2 light fort mithral breastplate → John Doe
+2 light steel shield → Sell
+2 juristUE short sword → Sell
+1 adaptive composite longbow (
3 Str) with 20 arrows – Sell
silver unholy symbol of Norgorber, spell component pouch, thieves’ tools, 20 gp
ring of protection +2 → Krieg

Saturday Team - 1/14

Cloak of Resistance +3 (Minion)
Ring of Protection +2 (Tanya)
+1 Red Scatterlight suit of light fortification
2x +1 sonic pistols – Cyrus
1x lava pistol – Cyrus
Amulet of Natural armor +1 – Sell
Headband of Charisma +2 – Tanya
Belt of Dexterity +2 – Cyrus
Strange Necklace – Keep on hand.
+1 Pistol – Fire Drake Pistol, 20,300 gp. – Tanya
2,000 gp emerald
22,000 gp
3,300 -

Sunday Team

Feline Tail – Dove – Completed.
Ghoul Royalty – Corypheus – Completed. – Gugs
Captain’s Tricorne- Corypheus – Completed. Captain Vadrak on the Bloodwind
Signet Ring – Zahhak – Completed – Celephais – Prince of Celephais,
Green Stone Idol – Al’Zahir – Completed – Sarnath destroyed by shades of Ib
Dreamstone – Genie -Completed – Quaveandra
Webbed Red Foot – Dove -Completed

Saturday Team

Captain’s Tricorne – Complete
Dreamstone – Complete
Green Stone Idol – Complete
Ghoul Royalty – Complete
Feline Tail – Complete
Signet Ring – Complete
Webbed Red Foot -

Wealth Per Character

1621 Cohort; 4,865 Main
Yidhra: 6,487;
– Lucian
Jay: 6,487
John Doe: 6,487
Dove: 6,487
Rayne: 6,487
Corypheus: 6,487

New Items

Mnemonic Vestment
2 scrolls of sepia snake sigil – 875 gp each
scroll of see invisibility – Yidhra
composite short bow +3 str – 500 gp
20 arrows
short sword
500 gp.
From the Gallery of the Lowls Estate: 9k gp
From the Lowls Tombs: 9k gp
From all the various Cultists/Rooms/Bosses who were slain: 8 potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, 2464, 10,000 gp, 8 true unholy symbols of hastur, sets of noble clothing worth in all a total of 3.6k gp, 2464, with a total of 160 bolts, and 8 doses of drow sleep poison (DC 18),4600 gp,, 2 +1 daggers, 2 masterwork disguise kits, 250 gp in Black Onyx gems, net total of 1,00 gp of loose change on cultists

Yidhra – a suit of +1 light fortification mithril chainshirt

Dead Kuru: 3000, 3300, 10 potions of cure moderate wounds, 150 gp

A Bookmark of Deception within a book of what looks like Pharasmin Hymns, but upon removal reveals a book on the Dreamlands (worth 75 gp to collectors)

Bath storage: 3 bars of Soul Soap

Incense of Meditation, Bookplate of Recall, Jewlery: a finely cut emerald (worth 1,000 gp), a
silver necklace set with garnets (worth 400 gp), a pair of
black pearl earrings (worth 150 gp), a gold ring set with
a large diamond (worth 2,500 gp), 13 freshwater pearls
(worth 10 gp each), a jade comb (worth 100 gp), and a
silver-and-amber bracelet (worth 120 gp).

book of the loremasterUE 15k (Jacob)
and two scrolls of psychic surgeryOA.
It also holds the following books: Atop
the Valley’s Soul, The Codex of Three Prescriptions, Curses of the
Black Lake, Dichotomous Translations of Aklo Syntax, Elements
Through the Spirals of Time, Emotions of the Past, The Falling
Silk, Festival of the Snake, The Forgotten Servants, The Illusion
of the Weeping Ones, In Admiration of Keeping Pacts, Manual
of Silence, Men and Vultures: Denizens of the Darkened Depths
and Dead Skies, Monuments of the Forest, The Shadow’s Ship,
Shards of Sight, Spiders of Sin and Sky, Theological Agreements
of the Kingdom, Tigers and Flies, The Unified Manual of
Understanding, Voyage of the Rainbow Servant, and The
Wise Harmony.


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